Research says one sales
visit can cost up to $596*

For as little as $49 per month, our
hassle-free Tickle Box mailings deliver
a unique, memorable sales outreach!

*CEIR, Report SM37, 2009

Since you select a Subscription theme to match your client’s or prospect’s personal interests, each Tickle Box mailing makes the recipient feel valued and appreciated.

If you know the person, it’s easy to pick a subscription. If not, choose something generic like Desk Jockey or Business Traveler. Want to know more about a prospect or client before you order? Talk to coworkers, do a little online sleuthing, pay attention the next time you’re in their office, or work a few topics into a telephone conversation and see what they say.

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Tickle Box Packaging


Arriving in small, plain boxes with just enough heft to arouse curiosity, your Tickle Box is sure to reach your recipient.

If a gatekeeper opens the package, the Tickle Box itself will still end up on your recipient’s desk. Why? You can’t open it without ripping the belly band. And, let’s face it, most gatekeepers won’t risk destroying such a lovely package. It’s safer to just pass it along.


Does this sound like your company? You mail postcards, for three months. You attend a trade show, with no follow-up. You send an eblast, twice. Well, yours is not the only firm struggling to provide consistent support for direct sales teams and independent reps. Tickle Boxes are the perfect solution.

Tickle Boxes are carefully hand-packed and shipped via the U.S. Postal Service, like clockwork, on the first business day of every month.

Automatic Tickle Box Subscriptions breed the kind of familiarity that allows prospects and clients to let down their guard and form personal connections. As you know, that kind of comfort level can open doors to all sorts of opportunities!

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