How We Curate Tickle Boxes for Lead Nurturing

Tickle Box curation, a fairly painstaking process that requires time and thoughtfulness, is a full-time activity at Tickle & Woo. Our Curators are always on the lookout for unique, memorable items that will turn a head or inspire a smile. But even the most interesting item is quickly cast aside if it fails to fit the category and serve our purpose for being…to provide creative, consistent lead nurturing programs…to help our clients’ close more sales by sparking conversations and forging connections with valued prospects and customers.

One of the coolest things about Tickle & Woo’s inventory is that it’s always evolving. On any given day, our Curators are off hunting for specific products suggested by our sales team as well as searching for new items that might fit into an existing category or one that’s on the drawing board. Sometimes, we just browse for inspiration. Usually the time is spent online, but at other times you can find us picking through unusual items in eclectic little shops. When something strikes our fancy, we go right to the source. Occasionally it’s a wholesaler, but more often than not we end up talking with the manufacturer, or even better, the actual inventor. Our top considerations are quality, product design, packaging and appropriateness for the category in question.

Jim Talarico, our Head Curator,  is a big fan of the Ball Eagle Putter Retriever, found in our Avid Golfer category. Now, he’s no golfer, but he spent a good amount of time as a kid caddying for his father and grandfather, so he knows a thing or two about the game. He was sure this would be a great item to add to our Tickle Boxes! The Ball Eagle Putter Retriever is a small device that, attached to the handle of a putter, allows you to pick up your golf ball without the need to bend over. Jim’s father, a man who struggled with back issues for years, would have approved. After enjoying a pleasant conversation with the product’s inventor, we were happy to place an order.


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