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Implementing a Lead Nurturing Program is one of the most important things a Marketing Department can do for its Sales Team.

While Marketing is embroiled in creating videos, brochures and social engagement strategies, Sales teams are often left to their own devices, reliant on sales presentations and the occasional imprinted specialty to make an impression. When Sales and Marketing make an effort to operate in a greater degree on alignment, Marketing often finds itself more committed […]

Are you Consistently Nurturing Leads?

We all know consistency is a key to success in many situations, but how many of us can claim we’re as consistent in our approach to nurturing leads as we should be. With some sales cycles spanning months and even years, actively communicating with a lead can be the difference between making a sale or […]

The hard sell is dead

If the Hard Sell Approach is Dead, What Do I Do Now?

It’s true. The old-school car salesman approach of yesteryear is dead and gone. Back in the day, the Hard Sell represented the epitome of sales skill…the idea of talking a prospect into buying something that may or may not meet their needs was hailed as a supreme accomplishment. That’s no longer the case. People have […]