Are you Consistently Nurturing Leads?

We all know consistency is a key to success in many situations, but how many of us can claim we’re as consistent in our approach to nurturing leads as we should be. With some sales cycles spanning months and even years, actively communicating with a lead can be the difference between making a sale or watching it slip through your fingers.

Keep your brand (and yourself) top-of-mind

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about how many things they’re juggling at any given moment. They probably aren’t thinking about you as much as you’d like. The fact is, you’re going to have to give them a reason to give you any thought at all. Reaching out to these time-strapped individuals on a regular basis ensures your message is not forgotten in the clutter of everyday life.

Build stronger relationships

Another added benefit of being consistent is that it builds stronger, lasting relationships. Think about it, a strong relationship is built on the ability to communicate and the development of trust. By reaching out to a prospect regularly, you’re showing them that you’re actively engaged in their success, thereby ensuring your own.

Explore opportunities as they arise

After talking to a prospect, do you find yourself thinking, “If only I had know that sooner, I could have helped?” Keeping the lines of communication open helps promote your continuing awareness of your customers’ current challenges and needs. If something comes up, you’re already there, ready to jump on the opportunity.

Guidelines for success

Pick an appropriate, realistic time frame and stick to it. Each industry is unique and some may require “touching” the customer more frequently than others. Focus on the quality of the experience. Being consistent is more than just repeating the same dry sales pitch over and over. Take time to learn about your prospects’ interests and engage them with relevant, insightful communications.

Embrace consistency

Once you begin to reap the rewards of your consistent lead nurturing efforts, you can introduce the same mindset and tactics into other areas of your business. For example, take a look at your current customers. Engaging them on a regular basis can lead to higher retention rates, chances to up-sell, cross-sell or get referrals.

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